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We help Christian families live their values.

At Family Life Financial Planning, we understand the value of faith, family, and financial responsibility. Our dedicated services are tailored to a community that holds these values dear to their hearts – Christian parents.

Our clients are Christian parents committed to nurturing their faith, family, and future.

They are deeply rooted in their Christian values, striving to provide a spiritually enriched upbringing for their children. They value community, they serve others, and they are guided by principles of love, kindness, and compassion.

The faithful steward is equally devoted to ensuring their children’s future. They recognize that the essence of stewardship extends to managing their financial resources wisely. They are focused on making smart, informed decisions about saving and investing for their family’s future, which includes college funds, family vacations, emergency savings, and retirement.

Why We Work With Them

Our mission at Family Life Financial Planning is to provide faithful stewards with the financial education, tools, and support they need to meet their unique goals. We are passionate about empowering them to maximize their resources and make the most of their savings for their family’s future.

We have chosen to work with Christian parents because we understand their unique challenges and values. They seek to integrate their faith into every aspect of their lives, including financial decisions. Generic financial advice platforms often overlook this fusion of faith and finance.

At Family Life Financial Planning, we speak your language. We appreciate the balance of faith and finance, and we are here to provide personalized, faith-based financial advice that aligns with your values and goals.

Your Journey Starts Here

Take your first step towards financial freedom and peace of mind today. Explore our range of services tailored specifically for you, the Faithful Steward. Let us walk together on this faith, family, and finance journey.

How We Can Help



Family Life Financial Planning offers a personalized and comprehensive 5-step financial journey tailored to align your finances with your life’s mission, followed by an annual service calendar for continued guidance and growth. Our service ensures your financial stability and personal values flourish together, nurturing your family’s future and honoring your beliefs.



At Family Life Financial Planning, our investment management approach is centered around crafting low-cost, efficient ETF portfolios tailored to reflect your financial goals and values. Partnering with Strive Asset Management, we utilize their expertise to build a diversified investment strategy that maximizes returns while aligning with your stewardship and life mission. Our commitment is to provide you with a transparent, value-driven investment experience, empowering you to invest with confidence and purpose as you build your family’s legacy.

Project Based


Project-based planning is the perfect solution for addressing 1-2 immediate financial concerns without a long-term commitment. Starting as low as $295, our services are tailored to the complexity of your situation, ensuring you receive expert, value-driven advice that speaks directly to your needs. This focused approach allows you to gain clarity, make informed decisions, and move forward confidently while aligning with your values and financial goals.

Tax Planning and Preparation

Family Life Financial Tax Services offers a dedicated tax preparation service designed to bring peace and order to your financial life. Our expertise ensures that your taxes are handled efficiently and accurately, reflecting a deep understanding of your unique situation and the latest tax laws. Starting with thorough planning and meticulous preparation, we strive to optimize your tax position while aligning with your family’s values and financial objectives. Trust us to navigate the complexities of your tax needs, freeing you to focus on what matters most: your family’s well-being and future.



Get To Know Each Other

Our initial meeting is a no-cost, approximately 30-minute meeting where we will get to know a little about each other. We will discuss your current concerns and goals along with the services we offer.


Initial Plan

We’ll meet up to 4 times with the goal of creating a 1-page document that becomes the compass for your financial future.

  • Values
  • Goals
  • Outline Action Steps


Year One

We’ll focus on behavior and cash flow, measure our monthly benchmarks, follow the plan to reach your goals, and have 30-minute monthly planning sessions.


As Time Goes On

We’ll shift our focus to long term planning and goals:

  • College Planning
  • Retirement
  • Tax Reduction
  • Estate Planning
  • Etc.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Our initial consultation is completely free and only takes 30 minutes.

You will have the opportunity to discuss your current worries and concerns. Then we will help you understand how we can help.

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