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Family Life Financial Planning is an unapologetically pro-life company. In light of today’s historic Supreme Court announcement, we are celebrating the life of many children who will be born. Right now, approximately 2 million families are waiting to adopt a newborn, and this gives us great comfort in knowing that the mothers who cannot provide and care for a child have the option of allowing a loving family to care for her child.

Likewise, we know that many of you are upset or even scared at this time. So while we will never help plan for an abortion, we are here to help those in need. If you are pregnant or have children but, due to low income, are struggling to provide, we want to help. From helping you find non-profit and government programs, teaching you how to handle your finances, and even coaching you on increasing your income, we are ready and willing to offer our services to moms in need at no cost.

As a son raised by a single mom and much of my life being in poverty, I desire to show Christ’s love by helping the women that feel the world has forgotten them. While we celebrate that life may now be protected, we are also here to roll up our sleeves and do the necessary hard work.